Oh yea, I have a blog

So, as expected, I completely forgot about this blog.  It was originally created for a class to post play reviews.  Well, since then I have graduated from college and was sitting here thinking about adulting when I thought to myself

“Wait, do I have a wordpress blog??”

So I crawled out of my Adult Life induced stupor and went to wordpress.com and sure enough, I was there.  So now, I thought to myself


“Yeah me?”

“Should you do more with this?”

“Yeah, sure, why not?”

So, while I have no clue how to really run a blog outside of Tumblr, nor do I know how to do much aside from post written blogs, I’m going to do something with this blog.

“But Amber (that’s a me)” I hear you ask. “what will the blog be about?”

Well, I’ll tell you my inner thoughts.  Anything really.  Funny story from my job as a retail worker?  Post it.  Short stories based of this super awesome prompt book I got for my birthday?  Hell yeah.  The multiple art i arted out of my everything?  Yea, sure.  Self promotion!

Is anyone going to see this?  Jeeze I don’t know.  Maybe they’ll be drawn by the complete lack of organization or solid thought.  Or maybe chocolate.  I can lure you in with chocolate right? Hell yeah I can.

Let the complete disarray and confusion begin.


should I sign my posts?  Yea, okay.  It makes it look more professional.  i’m a professional right?


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