Today at Work

When i worked at WINCO, i had a series i would post to Facebook called “Today at Work”, which pretty much was just my retelling of entertaining encounters with customers.  The last job I had after WINCO didn’t involve interaction with customers, so i stopped posting.  But now i’m a Hostess at Denny’s, and I would like to bring this back.  If i can find and copy all the things i recorded for while I was at WINCO, i’ll make another post for that one.

But for todays episode of “Today at Work”:

Context: i’m 5’10”

I’m standing behind the hostess counter. Gentleman walks by, looks at me, stops, backs up, looks behind the counter to see my feet, looks back at me

“I just wanted to see if you were standing on a box.”

smiles, and leaves.



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